Mini Massage Roller Sage


Portable self-massager to relieve muscle tension on the go.

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The Manuka Foam Roller is designed to be a hands free self-massager and facilitates the release of tight muscle bands. This in turn will release stress and tension whilst lengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility. The Manuka Foam Roller will also aid in relieving sciatica, stiff lower back, tight ITB and is highly recommended by physiotherapists and leading UK health care professionals. The Manuka Foam Roller is designed to withstand heavy and repeated use without breaking down with day-to-day use. Incorporate this essential Manuka Fitness Accessory into all your workouts, Including yoga, Pilates, gym workouts and especially effective post running. Available in new, seasonal colour.

EVA Foam ABS Inner Tube 6P Free
Length: 16cm. Width: 7cm
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