THE PARIS COLLECTION - Autumn/Winter 2017

Spring/Summer 2017

The Paris Collection

Our latest campaign finds inspiration in Paris, the city of love. Set in the heart of ‘Le Republique’ where artists and creatives alike are drawn. We resided in the stunning Hotel Providence, which was the perfect backdrop for our AW17 apparel. Experiencing the allure of Paris in every step we made as we wandered through the back streets getting lost and found all at the same time.


Leonie and Sarah chose escapism, peace and nature as the themes for inspiration. Equally they are aware and have experienced first hand that you cannot always escape to a luxury getaway or embark on an epic journey at the drop of a yoga mat. Sometimes we have to do that in our own minds, wherever we are. This collection is celebrating finding peace and hidden nature in a city.

Your Collection

A reflective mood, calm, elegant & still. You can always rely on our seasonal tempered hues. Which colour draws you in? Is it the Dusk mauve and sage or the vivid ming blue? Could it be the deep slate and forest green perhaps? All of the colours merge and pair perfectly with the metallic trims and copper detailing. The peace motifs are a subtle gesture for us to try to bring a bit more peace into our hearts. We are excited to launch our new double-faced scuba fabric fusing fashion and function, never moving too far away from the comfort and elegance Manuka Life aspire to bring to the silhouette. The fern graphics you see throughout the collection serves as a reminder for you to journey into your own personally-carved space in your city.